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‘As built’ surveys

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‘As built’ surveys

We can provide details and plans of the project including the “as constructed” stage of works, i.e. these “as built” surveys are very useful to determine whether the construction tolerances have been met, for instance, lift shaft verticality, the levelling of floors and accuracy of the ‘service holes’ within the site are a few instances that come to mind.

A subset of the layout of buildings, but fundamentally distinct, piles are the stress points of any good design and precise location is crucial and cannot simply be corrected at a later stage. Naturally we take great care with all our work and consider thorough checking of all work and data to be a large part of the finished process. For this we prefer to have access to all electronic data from the architects and consulting engineers to verify that all the information “fits” together before we go to site.


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‘As built’ surveys

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