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Topographical Surveys

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Topographical Surveys

Topographical Surveys are used to establish and describe the ‘undulations’ or contours of the ground being surveyed including exact positioning of features on and around the area being mapped. Features such as trees, buildings, pathways, roads, gullies, manholes, utility poles, walls, etc are accurately surveyed. Topographical Surveys are commonly used for; record mapping, boundaries, building positioning, property sale, planning permission and many more. Provision of the above information can be issued in 3 dimensions for input into a BIM system for total management of a building or construction project.

We carry out all topographical surveys in accordance with the standard ‘Topographical Survey Specifications’ as set by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the Land Surveyor and the Architect (LSA) and the Manual of Contract Documents for Highways Works, Volume 5, Section 1, Highway Agency and Department of Transport.

CD Surveys Ltd is a proud member of the TSA (The Survey Association) with our chairman, David Watterston a member of the board of directors. For more information regarding Topographical Surveys or to understand what a topographical survey is please follow the link below to the TSA website for more information.



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